Weekly Tarot Card (Jan 25) – Nine of Wands Reversed

January 24, 2010

Nine of WandsThe card drawn for this week is the Nine of Wands reversed.

The Nine of Wands depicts a weary, injured man who holds a staff as though in a posture of final defense. He is protected by a number of wands propped up like a wall behind him. This card indicates struggle and the need to call up out of ourselves the strength needed to overcome a challenge which may seem insurmountable. The man in the card has survived many battles and even wears a bandage around his head. Yet in his eye is the determination to overcome this final challenge to his accomplishment and victory.

The Nine of Wands reversed suggests that you may be hesitant to make a long-term commitment. You may be feeling as if life is all work and no play, and you may feel overcome by responsibilities or a lack of support from those around you. As such, you are hesitant to make any commitments in fear that the responsibilities will become all too much. Be careful also of dwelling on past frustrations and grievances. Just try to let go.

You may also be more inclined to be a little ‘on edge’ and on the defensive. The boundaries you have set around yourself are now becoming your cage, locking you into your old habits and behaviours.

Be careful not to assume things or make hasty judgments. Lighten up a little and return to the eight of wands where you take life as it comes in all its various forms. Go with the flow and release yourself of the pressures you are feeling. A holiday or a break might do you some good where you can re-energise and rejuvenate yourself.

All the best,

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Weekly Tarot Card (Jan 18) – Three of Swords reversed

January 15, 2010
Three of Swords
Three of Swords

The card drawn for this week is the Three of Swords reversed.

In the Rider Waite deck, the Three of Swords shows a heart pierced by three swords. Behind it lie some heavy rain clouds pouring down in a sorrowful manner. However, beyond these grey clouds, there are two white clouds and the hint of some sun rays to offer some salvation. Upright, this is a card of sorrow, heartache, grief and disappointment.

In its reversed position, the Three of Swords indicates that you have recently gone through a difficult patch where perhaps a relationship has ended or has experienced challenging times, a loved one has passed, or you felt hurt from a situation that affected you deeply. Thankfully, this time has passed and you are on the path to recovery, realising that with behind every cloud is a silver lining and there are indeed other things in your life which you can feel happy about. You have reached a point where you can accept the pain and hurt and are ready to move on.

All the best, Biddy

Weekly Tarot Card (Jan 11) – Empress Reversed

January 13, 2010

EmpressThe appearance of this card is quite fitting given that 2010 is the year of the Empress! I see this as an important week for reflecting on the energy of the Empress as it relates to the year ahead and how you can harness this energy within your own life (see http://www.biddytarot.com/2010_Year_Card_Empress.php for more details).

In its reversed position, it suggests that the Empress energy is currently blocked and this blockage needs to be cleared in order to create a more fulfilling year ahead. Contemplate how you can connect with nature and the Mother Earth, perhaps by spending a half day this week somewhere natural that you love, be it a beach, forest, lake, mountain, etc. Draw your energy from the trees, animals, water and plants around you and notice how ‘balanced’ and at peace you become in this environment.

Contemplate how you can tap into your femininity and beauty (both inside and out). You may spend this week reviewing your self-image and how you present to others. You may also find that a visit to the day spa or a luxurious bath at home helps to revitalise you. The key is to feeling good about yourself and honouring your outer and inner beauty.

Finally, contemplate how you can strengthen your relationships through open communication and love. If you have been holding back expressing your feelings to someone you love, ask yourself why and encourage yourself to let go of any fear associated with sharing your feelings. Open your heart to those around you and watch as the love comes pouring in!